The journey is always challenging. But we have been doing our best for the betterment of the future.


Our story goes back to 2011 when our founder returned to Sri Lanka from Australia after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. While working in the IT industry he started his Masters Degree (MSc) in Technology Management. His MSc research was investigating and developing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) framework for Sri Lankan school education. This helped him to understand the barriers and limitations of Sri Lankan education sector and how low the usage of technology is.

With this background he realized, as a responsible citizen he has to bridge this gap in the Sri Lankan education sector. Accordingly, he formed an expert team who are highly capable, and registered a company back in 2013 to provide solutions to this issue.

Early days the company was looking for the right opportunity and one fine day, the company was managed to secure its first job with Post-graduate & Mid-Career Development unit of the Faculty of Management & Finance of University of Colombo. This was to develop an online Learning Management System (LMS) for the unit. The company provided a modern LMS rich with advanced features. Also created digital content and provided training for students, academic staff and technical staff. The first project was a success and the client was very happy.

With this reference and the state-of-the-art solution delivered, we got another request from the same University for a special Bachelor’s Degree program. It was also delivered on time, meeting client’s expectations. These initial references paved us the way to a long journey.

Today, we are one of the leading technology-based education solution providers in Sri Lanka. So far, we have served 4000+ students, 500+ lecturers and helped to deliver 100+ units through our platform.


Now we believe its our time go big, and move to the next level. It is Online Learning; the future of education and we are planning for a greater audience with 24*7 accessibility. Also, we want to make sure our programs are globally accredited and our students are recognized around the world.

In other words;

“Our goal is to make world’s best education accessible to everyone in anywhere at any time, with no barriers”

We work really hard (and smart) to achieve this goal and do our best for betterment of the generations to come.

Empowering the nation through Online Education

To make world's best education accessible to everyone in anywhere at any time